EN – Books

Here I will sum uup the books that were important in my life.
To kill a mockingbird (1960), written by Harper Lee. The book is set in the 30s of the 20th Century, in the southern part of the USA. It is about racial prejudice through the eyes of Jem and Scout, two children of Atticus. Atticus defends a black man against an accusation of rape. He is found guilty, not because he was, but because of the racial preoccupations of the jury and the population of the village where Atticus lives with his kids. Although the language was quite colloquial, the dialogues were easy to follow because they come from the mouths and minds of kids. However, the seriousness of racial conflict – sometimes even its deadliness – comes across very clearly. The tension in the book remains until the very end and I was really captured by it.